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Our Heroes

After benefitting from our site or services in any way, Go to our Pay It Forward form. When you check the box at the bottom of the form, we will gratefully share your story to inspire others to keep our kindness revolution rolling.

This wonderful woman is the queen of paying it forward. She is our spotlight hero this week.
She dedicates a minimum of four mornings per week to make some amazing rescue kitties feel so loved. Nancy has been a volunteer for almost 5 years at EGAPL Heart of RI Animal Rescue. She specializes in creating the most comfy dens for the special cats, that are up for adoption.
But she doesn't stop there. She is also dabbles in fostering from pups to right now, a Momma cat and her babies.
Along with all of that, she is a loving grandmother, mother, wife and pet Mom.
Nancy Morgan, you are a gift. Please never stop being so incredible.
Meet our newest Heroes: The Roots Elite Girls' Lacrosse Team had a Pins for Pets fundraiser to raise funds for EGAPL The Heart of RI Animal Rescue. This amazing group raised over $2500 that will go towards continuing care for the animals, at the shelter. Some of the lucky pups were able to attend the event and say thank you in person. Way to pay it forward, girls. Keep being kind!!! Kindness is contagious.
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