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But why?

Why not?

The idea for this website is to combine my two favorite things to hopefully make a difference in the World.

My pack, as it has evolved over the years, has taught me so much. They've taught my fosters a lot, too. We have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly parts of pet parenting. With each new struggle, we've come out wiser. 

The sticky part of a new adoption is when the hasty decision to surrender your newest family member (dog) is made. There are so many tools from dog trainers & animal behaviorists to non pulling harnesses & enrichment toys; and one crazy dog lady, (me 🤗) with tons of pet tips, who is rooting for another happy pet family. Full transition into a new home can easily take up to three monthsIt's hard to see so many people give up on their new pet, too soon.  


Our Team

Here is our motley crew. They all have their own quirks and personalities. It has taken time, but through patience and hard work we are one big happy family. 

Not shown below are the two human kids and one very patient husband. He was the hardest to train.

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