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 So, you got a puppy! Now what? is an Amazon associate. The products below may be very helpful in your transition. By clicking on one, you will be brought to Amazon where you can add it to your cart and purchase. Thank you for your support.
Can't live without

Purina Pro plan is a favorite here at Chez Summer. The dogs and cats both eat it. It's also the food we feed at the rescue. When we switched our animals over to it, we saw a healthy turn in their enthusiasm towards their kibble. We add a scoop of Purina Pro Plan wet to make it interesting. Pro plan comes in a variety of formulas from puppy to adult. It offers different protein choices, for finicky eaters or allergies. There are options for small bites and large breed, as well. Don't forget your felines can enjoy this awesome brand, too!

A crate is not a form of punishment It is a safe space where your pooch can, safely, be contained, when you're unable to keep an eye on him. A wire crate is just one option. There are some beautiful furniture looking containments, as well.

Harness lead no pull harness has helped ease the misery of being dragged down the street during daily walks. This one piece harness/leash is really easy to put on. There is a video link on the package, as well as clear instructions as to how it should fit properly. Just follow their lead and soon both human and furry buddy will be stress free hiking pals.

Antlers are the BEST for exercising the chewing need. Chewing is a means of exploring for dogs. If you do not provide adequate things to chew, your furry pal will find something as a substitute, like your favorite shoe or the leg of your couch. Antlers are natural and safe and provide some vitamins and minerals while gnawing. There are 2 options above. The whole antlers, on the left are better for larger dogs who may be aggressive chewers. These chews can hold their own against the best of them. The split version on the right are great for smaller dogs and puppies. Reminder: Size DOES matter here, to avoid a choking hazard.

Blueberry pet collars come in a variety of beautiful colors, themes and sizes. The options are plentiful and the price is so reasonable that humans can change them up often. Fido will be stylin'.

The classic Kong toy is a winner to keep boredom at bay. Here is where you can find some smart ideas as to how to fill them: 

As with Antlers, size DOES matter to avoid a choking hazard.

Shit happens

If you made it this far, you get the message that So you got a puppy! Now what? is all about kindness. Here's a great way to show just how kind you are. If you're on a walk or hike, pick up your dog's poop, please. These Earth friendly bags are our favorite, easy to carry to a trash receptacle where it can be properly disposed of.

A rake and a bucket is the easiest way to pick up poop. Place a bag in the bin and start scooping. When the bag is full, toss it in the trash. My husband finds that scooping poop (this way) is quite relaxing. It's no wonder I love the guy!

It's going to happen. Your pup is going to have an accident in the house. It's not the end of the world. Wipe it up, spray some of this on the spot, wipe after 10 minutes and you'll never know it happened. Be patient. Potty training takes time and consistency.

You stink

This shampoo smells delightful. It soothes and calms, making bath time enjoyable. And it's vegan.

This de-tanglerr spritz is great for when your pup is having a bad hair day. Pair it with the shampoo. 

Burt's Bees products are a favorite for both humans and pets in this house.

A great dry shampoo spray for in between baths.

A finger toothbrush may be a better alternative for you.

Dental health is so important. Don't skimp in this area. This additive is easy and convenient to use. It is an accepted product of the Veterinary Oral Health Council.

Don't forget the toothpaste. Never ever use human toothpaste for your furry guy. It often contains ingredients that can be fatal for them.

Early habits of daily teeth brushing can save a human thousands of dollars in doggie dental procedures and save your pup stress and anxiety of being under anesthesia for a long time as a veterinarian removes bad teeth.

Grooming and clean up all in one. If you're going groom at home. This bad boy may come in handy, with both clippers and vacuum.


The furniture covers are awesome if you plan to eventually let your new angel up. Remember, in the beginning it's important to set boundaries. Let your new dog earn their way to the couch or bed. But, as far as awesome, spoil your pooch furniture covers, these are them. Our pack loves to lick our microfiber couches. Which is really gross when you go to sit down. And it keeps the dog hair at bay.

This orthopedic bed has a washable cover, which is convenient for those little accidents in the beginning. One of these may be the perfect for inside your crate.

There are so many bed choices available. It's hard to choose. The bed above is great for calming an anxious dog. You made go through several different beds before finding the perfect one for your Fido.

Who doesn't love a headrest? This orthopedic bed has a gorgeous washable microfiber cover. Comfortable and nice looking.

Ahhhh, for those long, cold winter nights, a nice self warming blanket is in order. This one is water proof, too. It's great for dog bed toppers and furniture coverage.

And yet one more good choice to confuse you. The difference in this one is the cooling gel support foam. This one, too, has the washable cover and non slip backing.

Never stop playing 

Nose work is so important for a pup. This is one of the ways they explore their world. Allowing for some daily nose work, can alleviate boredom, which can lead to destructive behaviors. Any of these three toys can really make a difference.

Play enrichment is so good for the brilliant canine brain. Keep their minds busy. It can help prevent precocious practices.

Super fun for pup and human alike. The giggle noise is funny. This is a great way to entertain and drain their energy. 

These frisbees were a saving Grace for us with our Teacup before she her old lady joints decide that running fast and jumping high is no longer fun. This is an awesome way to drain high energy canines. Frisbee playing isn't a good choice for a young puppy whose joints have not fused together yet.

Here is an another great chew engager. Provide lots of chew toys to prevent chewing of things your pooch shouldn't.

Treat them right

These 5 items are best used as a reward while training your pupper. It's really good to positively re-enforce a command when they complete the task. Let your fur baby know they did good. Training treats should be something your dog really LOVES. They should be small and low in calorie because you will be using a bunch during a training session.

Milo's Kitchen products are a favorite at home and in the rescue. At home, my husband is the treat master. We use these, daily, as a  special snack. At the rescue, the pups make a stop at our executive directors office for some love and a tasty snack, after their walks. These treats are a great way to pay it forward. Donate some to your local rescue or shelter. The dogs will be so grateful.

Contain yourself

Containment systems are a great way to establish boundaries. The first one is a great kennel to be used outside. However, it is never a good idea to leave a pup unattended, as they can dig out under it. This is great for them to go out to do potty if there is no fenced in yard. The other two are great ideas, for inside, to give your baby a safe play area until they learn the rules, of the household.

A Gate across a doorway or staircase is a great way to keep your pup in or out of areas Petunia is not allowed in.

Hide and go seek

Too many animals go missing, every day. The FI collar is a great idea to know where your pet is, should they get spooked and run off or if curiosity gets the best of them and leads them astray. These collars are worth it. For added protection, be sure your baby is microchipped and the microchip info is always current.

Although an Air Tag is not the ideal tracking device, to use for locating a dog: if this is the way you go, invest in the TagVault. It fits on most collars and is a waterproof mount should your dog be a swimmer. Be sure your dog is microchipped and the info is always up to date.

Peek-a-boo! I see you.

This is cool! If you want to see the goings on at home, while you are out, invest in this. It has 2 way audio and a treat dispenser.

An alternative camara option for keep tabs on your fur baby, when you're not home.

Read on

There are so many great ideas out there to help pet owners get a better grip on being Mom or Dad to a fur baby. Do your homework. Dogs go through many phases, throughout their lives. 

Training a dog to have good manners will enhance the human/canine bond, tremendously. It is such a bonding experience. Get the kids involved. It's a great way to teach the pooch to respect the kids. Remember, that respect needs to go both ways. Teach the kiddos to respect their furry family member.

Random tools that may be helpful

These martingale collars are an awesome way to display your pup's name and a contact phone number for convenience, should your baby ever get away from you. The color combinations are endless.

Although, we are pro-spay and neuter supporters, sometimes, for health reasons, a female canine should go through a heat cycle before getting spayed. These washable diapers are awesome for keeping things tidy in your home and for keeping unaltered males at bay.

Your walks should be a peaceful, bonding experience for you and your baby. Being pulled down the street is not peaceful or relaxing. Don't be afraid to use training tools, like these to gain control over the situation. Our favorite would be the Harness Lead, which is under the can't live without category. However, if that doesn't work for you, try something different.

A common problem when bringing home a new pup is marking. This is where the dog attempts to mark his territory by peeing in spots, in the home. These washable belly bands can be quite useful at catching the urine so your coffee table doesn't have to.

Potty training can be a real pain in the ass. Sometimes using pee pee pads is what humans will turn to, in order to encourage a puppy to complete the task on a specific spot. That is a smart idea. However using pee pee pads inside is jencouraging your pup to go to there, instead of outside. If you choose this alternative, consider using either of these washable pads. The cost of disposable pads adds up and it's just added waste to our precious environment. Training tip: if you are, indeed trying to teach your pup to go in one spot, these pee pads CAN be used outside to mark the spot where you'd like your pooch to go.

If you have a pup, who is gobbling down his food way too fast, consider a slow feeder food bowl. Slow feeder bowls can prevent bloating, which can become a very serious complication, quickly. Bloat can be a severe consequence that may require emergency surgery. For the love of Dog, use a slow feeder.

Food bowl raisers are also a great way to avoid bloat in your dog.

Allow adequate time for digestion before intense exercise, as well.

Don't forget about the cat

Our favorite food. We use the canned food only in the morning, and the kibble for both breakfast and dinner.

Litter boxes are a personal preference. Above are 3 choices with their corresponding litter below them. The first system uses pellets and pads. This product produced less dust and makes for easy cleanup. The second system is a scoop free system with a crystal tray that is disposable. The third system is the good old fashioned scoopable litter pan. The lavender scent is wonderful. It is natural and safe for humans, pets and the environment. 

Cats just wanna have fun
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