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And by puppy, I mean puppy or dog. I am an avid dog foster for an amazing rescue in Rhode Island. I have experienced the "what was I thinking?" panic, with each foster who has come into my home.

There have been hundreds of them, over the past nine years. Many lessons have been learned the hard way.

Here, anybody who is feeling overwhelmed with their new pooch can reach out for some friendly, encouraging guidance.

There is no better feeling than a beautiful bond between a pup and their humans. It would be spectacular if everybody could feel this.


Passionate. Patient. Persistent.

So, you got a puppy! Now what? is an idea to help make the world a better place.


Hi! My name is Leslie. And I am extremely passionate about puppies and dogs. With the help of my beautiful daughter and many of my fur friends, we hope to change your perspective and help make life better for everybody.

 Dogs (and cats) are my life! For which I'm extremely grateful.

My experience comes from the many roles that I have played, at the rescue: everything from doggie doula to a shit scooper. Fostering pregnant Momma dogs, helping her raise her pups and rehabbing broken babies have been some of my favorite tasks, throughout the years.

Mistakes have been made at the School of Hard Knocks. However, each blunder has been a teaching moment. 

Here, our goal is to help anybody who's struggling through the transition into becoming a dog family. The first week of bringing home a new fur friend can be daunting and frustrating and exhausting. And it may be intense for the human too. 

This mission is to offer humans some good sound advice, that may be insightful, in exchange for a "pay it forward".

If anything on this site brings you joy, then get off your bum and spread happiness to somebody else. It's simple.

Random acts of kindness is a means of turning someone's shitty day into something a bit more bearable.

Together we can start a revolution. 

Do something to make a difference. It feels good!

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